Why Choose a NAARPI International Member?

NAARPI International Members know the extraordinary challenges of "properly" protecting the investments of other. Our members are dedicated professionals who take the necessary steps to remain on top in an industry that is constantly changing in regards to economic times and real estate legislation. NAARPI International members understand the need to protect all parties rights while insuring those properties they inspect and managed are well maintained and occupied by worthy tenants. NAARPI International the North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors is the largest and leading certification association of rental property inspectors in the world. NAARPI International certified inspectors are the best trained rental property inspectors in the industry adhering to the strictest of Standards of Practice ...more

About NAARPI International

The North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors (NAARPI) is the Largest and the Leading Certification Organization of Residential Rental Inspectors, Field Inspectors, REO (Real Estat...more


Could you tell our readers how the NAARPI, now NAARPI International, has helped your company?

Night and Day.   NAARPI International has really helped our company by opening doors and showing us opportunities we were not even aware of. Basically NAARPI International has provided us with a whole new world and new departmental growth for our companies and our family. It has given us more prestige as our customers learn that we are NAARPI International Certified. NAARPI International will also help us to help our community more by certifying more of our employees,  qualifying them to do inspections and clean out properly. In essence, this will open up more jobs for us in our community, which is always nice especially given the current economic conditions we face today.

Every company has a training program and Brinko is no different; we just make NAARPI Certification a requirement for all of our employees, a cost we gladly absorb.  We find the cost is actually less than if we train them in house and having gone through the courses we know they are being trained correctly.  I am not saying that we have done away with in house training, I am saying it is just not as intense as before…we use a 3rd party training company in NAARPI and they actually helped us to create a Field Manual for our employees, in addition the text books provided have become a valuable reference tool for our company.

You and Manuel decided to participate in the live instructor taught courses versus the on line versions. How did you find the classroom instruction for the classes?

Manuel and I decided to take the live instructor taught courses because it was offered conveniently close to our office here in Dallas, TX. I had had a long conversation with Mr. John Allen and would not pass up the opportunity to meet him in person. Some people like to take courses in the comfort of their own environment (home, office) and others like an instructor taught course. Manuel and I just happen to like live courses because they are more hands on and we enjoy the interaction between students and instructor that is provided in a live classroom environment. Thank God there were text books as the classes are, for lack of a better phrase, “fast tracked”. There is a massive amount of information provided in a very short period of time.

Would you recommend the program to others?

Well to everyone but my direct competition; just kidding Aaron.    I would definitely recommend the program to others and have. We believe that this is information that everyone should know, but so many people have no clue. There is a wealth of information to learn from NAARPI International. Becoming a member of NAARPI International and taking the certification courses was a no brainer for us and was worth every penny.   Thank you so much Mr. Allen for taking time to share your knowledge wit

By Bret Douglas

A review of inspection and preservation courses:

I was recently sent a prospectus of the training material for the courses that NAARPI International  offers;
right off the bat I was blown away by the amount of hard work and effort that this was put into it. This was no cheesy effort or a blow by night affair, this material/courses look like they were put together by professionals for professionals.
No cheesy tokens here this looks like to be the real deal, it appears that the instructors were wise enough to bring it to a level that even a new person coming into the industry could understand, this in my humble opinion is critical as the majority of the newbies in our industry have never experienced this type of work. The more you can put them at ease and explain the training material the better the results.

I am looking forward to meeting Mr John Allen and team NAARPI International  at  the FAST Conference in Florida.

I fully back their endeavors and think that they have a viable solution to the problems that are plaguing our industry.
I will watch with great eagerness for their future successes.

Bret Douglas
Team Ironclad

Bret Douglas Owner Team Ironclad
Mr. Allen is an exceptional trainer.  He mixes wit with deep subject matter expertise to create an enjoyable and effective learning environment. What separates John and NAARPI International  from other Property training resources is his steadfast commitment to teaching the fundamentals first, and then delving into more complex topics that build upon this new foundation of understanding. Additionally, he focuses on the essentials pertinent to developing proficiency with the more advanced subjects. Instead of being overwhelmed by irrelevant details, he teaches what matters most.
Aaron Aveiro is a welcomed addition to the training team.  Aaron combines a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a pragmatic training style delivered to the classroom via web media such as skype which allowed for class room inter action. I highly recommend NAARPI International to anyone seeking to gain practical proficiency in the subjects of their course offerings.   I am a proud NAARPI International Member.

Manuel Reategui
Sr. Engineer
Brinko multi Services

The bottom line is…I was already doing “Property Preservation & Inspecting” long before I heard of NAARPI. They just showed me a profitabe way of going about it. In short they stop me from closing my PPI business and going to work for someone else, Thks NAR PEE.
The bottom line is…I was already doing “Property Preservation & Inspecting” long before I heard of NAARPI. They just showed me a profitabe way of going about it. In short they stop me from closing my PPI business and going to work for someone else, Thks NAR PEE.
Like many other professional home inspectors my home inspection business was based on buyers and sellers; when the housing market
NAARPI thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful industry. TC in GA
When I first contacted NAARPI I spoke with Ann, she was a great help and she put me in touch with a Master Property Preservation Specialist who explained to me that this was an unregulated field/industry and certification was not required. He went on to explain the only reason people get certifided is to Succeed; meaning seperate yourself from the pack. I decided to think on it and then pulled the trigger on getting my master property preservation certification. My phone is ringing and has not stop as the work rolls in. TEAM NAARPI thank you for your support.
I attended a certification class in Dallas and soon after went to work for BIIG Inspections….I LOVE IT! Val – Dallas